The Silent No More Awareness Campaign
The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is an effort to make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women, men, and their families.
Rachel's Vineyard
Rachel's Vineyard is a safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion. Weekend retreats offer a supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment where women and men can express, release and reconcile painful post-abortive emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal and healing.
Operation Outcry
Operation Outcry is a ministry of The Justice Foundation that seeks to touch hearts through the testimony of those hurt by abortion, change lives by helping those find hope and healing and restore justice through the collection of Declarations (legally admissible evidence) from those hurt by abortion to show America and the Courts the truth about abortion.  The Justice Foundation represents Sandra Cano in her effort to have her case, Doe v. Bolton, reversed at the Supreme Court.  The collection of this evidence is critical in helping her achieve that goal.
Operation Outcry Testimony Influences 2nd Victory!
If someone you know has had an abortion, encourage them to complete this form.
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