On June 23, 2005, for the first time, members of the United States Congress heard the truth about the Doe v. Bolton case. Sandra Cano, who was ''Mary Doe'' in Doe v. Bolton, testified before the United States Judiciary Sub-committee on the Constitution.


  • Sandra Cano never had or wanted an abortion, and she never testified in court in the Doe v. Button case, In fact, she has never supported abortion. Sandra was pregnant when she went to legal aid for help with a family matter.

  • The Supreme Court decided the Doe case on the same day is Roe v. Wade which is known as its companion case. Because Doe allowed a health exception, an abortion can be performed until the day of birth. Doe ultimately resulted in the horrific procedure known as partial-birth abortion.

  • Sandra worked for years to get the court records of her case unsealed.

  •  Sandra asked The Justice Foundation to represent her in an effort to reverse Doe v. Bolton. In 2003, The Justice Foundation filed a motion to reverse Doe v. Bolton.


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